Travel Lane County Could Lose Ad Funding

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EUGENE, Ore-  Travel Lane County is worried nearly a third of its funding might be headed out-of-state.  The non-profit organization has been the destination marketing contractor for the county for about 20 years, but now, a committee has recommended the contract be divided.

Every few years there’s an open process for this marketing contract. This year was one of those years and some out-of state agencies submitted proposals. A review committee recommended one of those outside agencies do the job for the advertising portion which would take the advertising program and $500,000 from Travel Lane County.

“We really can’t be effective if the advertising component of our work is removed,” said Travel Lane County president Kari Westlund. “It is integrated and embedded into a lot of other marketing functions so that’s a very big concern.”

Westlund says they’ve had two record-level years of lodging revenue and transient room tax. They’ve also increased website traffic 50-percent.

This is just a proposal.  The board of commissioners will make the decision on Tuesday, August 20th. That $500,000 contract is recommended to go to Vertic, an ad agency with locations in Seattle and New York.

Travel Lane County is hopeful the board will continue to fully support the program in this process.


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  1. Dave says:

    Travel Lane County is obviously not interested in what’s best for Lane County, but only worried about getting “their” money. I’ve got news for you, it’s the public’s money and not yours.

    The very reason why we have open processes for public contracts is to ensure that the money serves the highest public good and is not awarded on the basis of political “cronyism”.

    When businesses like Travel Lane County believe that they are somehow “entitled” to the public’s money whether they prevail in an open bidding process or not, then they reveal themselves to be blinded by their own greed rather than truly seeking to serve the public.

    1. KEZI says:

      Would you or anyone you know be willing to give us your opinion on the matter on camera today? Please contact our newsroom at (541) 485-5611 and tell them you wanted to reach the reporter on this story or you can e-mail her directly at nhanguyen@kezi.com.
      Thank you!

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