Traveling by Car Almost as Expensive as by Plane

EUGENE, Ore. — When gas prices go up for us, they go up for everyone with a fuel tank, including planes, trains, and buses.

Numbers show car travel is taking the hardest hit.

Usually, opting for wheels instead of wings is a much cheaper route. But with gas prices so high, the difference is not that significant.

Car travel is adding up to almost as much as a plane ticket.

We took a look at how much it would cost to fly to San Francisco for the weekend versus drive. And there wasn’t much of a difference.

Roundtrip airfare to San Francisco for next weekend averages $263 on most airlines, while AAA estimates driving would cost around $220.

Travel agent Donnita Bassinger says this will affect how people travel, especially families.

“When you’re going on vacation, say if you’re driving to Disneyland, it may be all fun and exciting on the way down, but the drive home from Disneyland is really long with kids in the car (laughs),” Bassinger said.

So if driving becomes as expensive as flying, people will opt for the airlines because if they’re spending about the same, parents would much rather have the convenience.

Bassinger says for bigger families, it is still cheaper to drive instead of buy five or six plane tickets.

We also looked at train and bus tickets to San Francisco. Train fares came out to $220 — the same as by car — and a bus would only cost you $174 round trip.

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