Tree Companies Busy Cleaning Up Debris

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EUGENE, Ore. — The ice accumulating on tree branches was too much for a lot of trees around town to handle.

“We heard just this large crack and shattering as it hit the ground and that’s the piece that came down in the driveway and took out our pickup truck and part of our house,” said Jim Croteau.

Damage like the mess in Croteau’s yard is happening all around town as trees topple over from one of the worst storms in decades.

“I’ve been in the business for 28 years and about 16 years ago we had an ice storm that came through that one was about comparable to this one,”said Mike Rose, owner of M&R Tree Services.

Tree companies are working non-stop to clear away branches and limbs from yards.

“Today will be just getting things safe and then as the snow melts we’ll be coming back to do the cleanups and that kind of stuff,” said Rose.

“We redid our whole landscaping in the front yard and my wife was saying it’s all gone so we’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to put everything back the way it was. But not having that tree is gonna be a big loss,” said Croteau.

While the truck in the driveway and the gutters on the house got the brunt of the damage, Croteau is thankful one part of the tree was still standing when tree trimmers arrived.

“We still have one limb that’s still standing and it’s kind of leaning toward the house so we were worried because every time we hear a crack you wonder if it’s that limb in our front yard,” said Croteau.

Tree companies said they’ll be busy chiseling away at the downed trees for at least the next month.

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