Tree Falls on House in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. —¬†Around town you’ll see many trees uprooted or broken in half from the weight of the ice from the storm, but one man in south Eugene is actually thankful a tree in his yard landed where it did.

On Saturday afternoon, Del Matheson heard a loud crack followed by a giant crash, as an 80-foot tall tree in his backyard crashed onto his house.

But he and his wife safely walked out of the house because the chimney caught the trees landing.

Now, two days later, the tree is still balancing on the chimney and only caused minor damage to the house.

“We realized that that was a stroke of luck because the tree in its initial force of falling if it hadn’t landed on our chimney, it would have undoubtedly gone into the living room and hallway in the middle of the house,” Matheson said.

Once an insurance agent comes to assess the damage, a tree company will remove the tree.

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