Tree on Courthouse Lawn Dying

Courthouse treeCORVALLIS, Ore. — A familiar tree on the Benton County Courthouse lawn is dying, and crews are getting ready to pull it out.

It’s a red maple sitting toward the back of the lawn.

The county says it is suffering from a root fungus and isn’t able to absorb water or nutrients.

Because it’s dying, the county says branches could fall or even the whole tree itself.

“It just came down to safety. And it’s been something that our arborist and the city’s arborist have been watching for some time. So it’s been on a watch list, and now it’s gotten to a point where it’s just such a concern that we have to do something about it,” said Rick Osborn, Benton County spokesperson.

Crews will be pulling the tree out on Saturday, and the county hopes to replace it soon with a different type of tree.

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