Trenton Nowak Headed to Disneyland

TRENTON NOWAKCOTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Last week, KEZI 9 News first brought you the story of a six year old boy from Cottage Grove battling a rare brain tumor.

Thanks to generous donations, Saturday, he embarked on a journey to Disneyland.

Trenton Nowak was diagnosed last month with an aggressive brain tumor and doctors are giving him three to six months to live.

Now, his family wants to make the most of his time. With his 7th birthday coming on Tuesday, he’s headed to southern California with his grandmother to celebrate.

“It’s a big deal because we were planning to go next year but next year might not happen for him. Before, we would’ve been really excited. Now, I know he is. He just can’t express it as well,” said Ronnie Nowak, Trenton’s grandmother.

If you’d like to donate to Trenton, click here.


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    I believe he was diagnosed just a few months ago, not last year.

    1. KEZI 9 News says:

      Thank you, the mistake has been corrected.

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