Tri-City Man Accused in Murders

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BANDON, Ore. — A Douglas County man appeared before a judge Tuesday on double murder and kidnapping charges.

Timothy Henson is charged with killing two people on Highway 101 over the holiday weekend.

The Hensons live in an unincorporated area near Myrtle Creek called Tri City. It’s a small area, but word is traveling fast about the murders along Highway 101 near Bandon that can be traced back to this small town.

“I’m shocked. I wouldn’t ever believe the kid could have done something like that,” said the suspect’s father Larry Henson.

Larry Henson’s son Timothy is behind bars, charged with killing his mother-in-law’s husband, 19-year-old George Micheaux and her 70-year-old ex-husband Milton Leach.

“They loved each other. Why it happened I wasn’t there, so I don’t know and I am sure that Timmy right now, that’s everything is said and done, he’s sorry that all happened,” Henson said.

Henson says his son Timothy and four other people headed out to the coast to camp out. The Coos County district attorney says somehow a fight started in the car on Highway 101 and Timothy’s’ wife was shot in the arm.

The car pulled over. That’s when the DA says Henson shot George Micheaux and Milton Leach, leaving them for dead. People driving along the highway started calling 911 after seeing their bodies along the highway. Micheaux died at the scene and Milton died at the hospital.

“I think it’s dope related. I don’t know,” Henson said.

A neighbor says his friend was related to one of the victims.

“Shocked me bad and she was very sad,” said neighbor William Lugo. “She said somebody got drunk or stoned something like that and shot two people and killed her little cousin.”

Henson says he plans on visiting his son in jail, trying to make sense of what happened.

“He’s not a dangerous person he just flew off the handle,” Henson said.

The DA says Timothy Henson ordered his wife and mother-in-law back in the car and made them drive him away. That’s where the kidnapping charges stem from.

Henson appeared before a judge Tuesday and will be back in court next Tuesday.


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  1. Becky Rogers says:

    Let’s do the math: If the husband is 19 now, and they were married in 2009, he was 16… In Oregon, that’s basically statutory rape.

    1. Emmet Davis says:

      …was wondering when someone else would start using basic math. Now here’s the kicker -further investigation will reveal that the 19 yr old “husband” is his wife’s uncle’s son – making them first cousins. True fact! – just sitting back waiting for the whole ugly truth to unravel.

      1. Emmet Davis says:

        I said many years ago this “ffamily”‘s “arrangement” was a powder keg that would eventually blow. I am truly sorry for Milton and thankful that the suffering he has endured long before the cancer diagnosis is finally over. RIP Mr. Leach. It’s finally over. Now it is time for all the skeletons to be rattled out of these deep closets so the children can start to recover….. Time for the OSP to start looking for certified Marriage Licenses, legal divorce papers, and a good lie detector technician. There’s a “skunk in the woodpile”.

        1. Angel Leach says:

          My Father was Milton and he was to damned proud to ask tell us kids what his situation was. I asked many times over the years and begged him to please come live with me in California. He was never allowed to talk to me unless it was on speakerphone. It was a hard situation and is now a nightmare. All I can do is pray that the truth comes out and that Dad can rest in Peace. The rest of the so called “family ” can kindly please go away and stay out of our lives.

          1. Kim says:

            I met your Dad one time and he had a heart of gold.
            Praying the full truth comes out and rest assured, your Dad is dancing with angels.
            I’m also praying for peace for your family.

  2. Sonya carter says:

    My name is Sonya Carter and my father was Milton Leach. I am unsure of who Emmet Davis is but I would very much like to speak to him, it seems he knows much about my fathers circumstances. Myself and my sister shawna also tied to get our father to come live with us experiancing the same things as angel, He was placed on speaker phone and all calls monitered.my sister and myself experianced first hand the horrific livng condititions, abuse and neglect my father endured at the hand of THOSE PEOPLE! My father fully financially supported there whole” clan” and there drug habbit. and it is unamaginable how someone could do this to such a great man.He will be truley missed by family and many, many friends.I will not stop until justice is served and ALL involved will be brought to JUSTICE!!!!! FYI Ruth has been widowed 5 times and my father and george who was 19 years old both had insurance policies. What is wrong with that picture????

    1. Kim says:

      My brother was one of Ruths husbands that is no longer with us.
      Praying the full truth comes out.
      Praying for your family.

  3. Hailey Carter (9 years old) says:

    I spared my daughter the horrific details, but she wants everyone to know “that I miss my grandpa very much and that I hope that he is having a good life in heaven, but I wish he could have lived. I love you grandpa!”

  4. Grow Up! says:

    I think before all you guys started talking about stuff you have NO clue about you should make sure it is FACT and not what you want to make up!

  5. RE: Emmet Davis says:

    To Emmet Davis… Why wont you use your REAL name? Tell us who you are!

  6. Angel Leach says:

    Re: Grow Up,

    We know what has gone on and we will get justice for the families. We know of the living conditions. We know of the drug use. We know he was abused and scared to say anything to anyone.
    Re: Emmet Davis
    Please contact the DA with any info have so Milton and George may have peace and justice call 541- 396- 7546

  7. Angel Leach says:

    @Leland Richardson, we all know those women were the main players in what happened. I also know how much retirement income my father had coming in each month from Social Security and pension.
    So if your brother had money coming in too we need to ask exactly where these women were spending it and on what.

    Because I know Sherie called me almost monthly asking for money and all my siblings too.
    And after my father got sick and we really found out how much money he was getting from his pensions we refused to send her anything anymore.

    If your brother cared for my dad as much as you say please have someone try to talk some sense into him and have him tell the truth. My dad is dead because of what ever evil plan was hatched up to get rid of him. There had been threats leading up to this that if any of us got in her way of doing things we would never see my dad alive again she would take him away and we would see his ashes when she was ready. I dont know if there is life insurance like she has claimed or anything else. All I know is my father who was a good caring man and a grandfather to 19 was gunned down and we all want to know why. I want to see all involved in this tragedy pay for their involvement. It is not fair to TIm to take the fall for people who obviously have never cared about anyone but themselves.

  8. Shawna Leach says:

    Milton is my dad, and best friend. People had a darunning down and bashing everyone and everything in the situation. My dad was a good man with a big heart that was as driving to save his life as he was to help people. If by chance you allowed your ignorance to cloud your mind, read reports he was not under the influence of any drugs. He was only trying to take care of people no one else would. His death profoundly effected many lives. Anyone ignorant enough to bash my father without knowing him or the situation has little enough brain function to research events or people, should not bother pouring pen to paper and commenting on the situation.

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