Trillium Bridges the Healthcare Gap

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EUGENE, Ore. — Trillium Healthcare is making an effort to join the physical and behavioral healthcare worlds together.

The coordinated care organization in Lane County awarded over $500,000 in grants to eight healthcare organizations.

The grants go directly toward incorporating either a physical or a behavioral healthcare professional into an office where they don’t normally work.

For example, at Eugene Pediatrics Associates they’d normally have to refer a child who might be suffering from depression or another disorder to an office outside their building.┬áBut now with the help of the grant funding they have a case worker on site.

“It’s the first time I’ve had families literally in tears of gratitude as I walk them from my office here seeing their kid for a medical problem and then take them over and introduce them to doctor Katie, doctor Jenny, to Jordan the case manager,” said Dr. Pilar Bradshaw, Eugene Pediatrics Associates.

“They feel really safe with their pediatrician. And they know that if their pediatrician is walking them down the hall to a behavioral care person, a child psychologist or a case manager that’s someone that they trust. And so we automatically have a good relationship with the families,” said Jordan Burbee, case manager for Thrive Behavioral Health Eugene Pediatrics.

“It’s ease of access and everything is coordinated, work together and everybody is dialoguing, conversing and problem solving together,” said Dr. Lynnea Lindsey Pengelly, Medical Director for Trillium Behavioral Health and Trillium Community Health Plans.

People with mental health issues die on average 25 years sooner due to unrelated health issue Trillium leaders say this grant project hopes to change that.

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  1. Bob says:

    I hope that Trillium will hire more mental health professionals that know what they are doing. Right now the mental health resources in Eugene are abysmal. The order of the day for help is in a nutshell “take these pills and go away…but make sure to pay me lots and lots of money for having no clue”.

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