Troop Aid Group Needs Donations to Continue Operating

May 14, 2012

By Heather Turner

ALBANY, Ore. — Even though its shelves are stocked, a local nonprofit group that sends care packages to troops around the world is on the brink of closing and is in desperate need for support.

While the Oregon branch of Give2TheTroops has received many donations of items requested by the troops, the money they need to send those items overseas has been lacking.

Local volunteers receive specialized requests from our men and women in combat zones.

Twice a month, for the past three and a half years, they pack large 50 to 65 pound care packages to send to deployed troops.

The boxes are packed with everything from DVDs and books, to games, snacks, and possibly the most important, letters.

Volunteers ship about 25 to 30 boxes a month.

While their shelves are still packed with goods, they’re almost out of money and only have enough to continue operating for two more months.

“And that’s really hard when I start looking at folders and saying how am I going to fill these requests?  Who do I say no to if we don’t get the funds in that we need to ship these boxes off?” said Give2TheTroops Oregon/Washington Branch Director Sharon Crary.

Give2TheTroops is looking to raise about $50,000 to support the entire organization.

The Oregon branch currently has 45 requests that would serve more than 1,500 soldiers, but not enough money to ship them out.

To find out how you can donate money to help the cause, click here.

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