Troubled Past Haunts Liane Richardson

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EUGENE, Ore. — Former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson is no longer being considered for a position with the Oregon State Bar, after putting her own name in the running.

Liane Richardson, now known by her maiden name Liane Inkster, was removed from the running for a volunteer position with the Oregon State Bar’s Disciplinary Board, after the State Bar found out on Monday what the fired administrator did in Lane County.

The Oregon Supreme Court is expected to appoint members to the State Bar’s Disciplinary Board in the next couple of days.

“We just heard yesterday about some of the allegations that were made about Liane Inkster last year, and we have withdrawn her name from nomination to serve on our disciplinary board,” said Kateri Walsh, Oregon State Bar Director of Media Relations.

Inkster took a voluntary leave of absence from her administrator position in July, after it was discovered she altered her benefits pay. The Lane County Board of Commissioners officially fired Inkster in August.

The Oregon State Bar says Inkster nominated herself for the position, which looks into cases of lawyers accused of ethical violations.

“That goes in front of a three-person trial panel made up of members of the discipline board. So theoretically, had she been appointed, she may have sat for a discipline hearing if we had allegations against any Lane County Bar members,” Walsh said.

Since finding out about the allegations against Inkster in Lane County, the State Bar says it’s launching its own investigation to see if there were ethical violations while she served as administrator.

“We didn’t have any discipline matters filed with her under Inkster or under Richardson, so I’m not sure it would have come to light either way. We were never informed last year about what was going on in Lane County,” Walsh said.

If the Oregon State Bar’s investigation finds ethical violations, it says Inkster could face disciplinary action.

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