TSA Gets Rid of Full Body Scanners

(CNN) — Some called them virtual strip searches, now the TSA is getting rid of detailed full body scanners at airports across the country.

The TSA says 174 backscatter body scanners will be removed from 30 airports by June.

The move comes after Rapiscan, the maker of the machines, told Congress they couldn’t meet the deadline to install privacy software.

Other machines that display a generic outline of the human body will still be used at airport security checkpoints.

According to the TSA, getting rid of the machines will actually make for faster lanes for travelers and enhanced security.

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  1. Brad says:

    TSA is nothing but a bunch of thugs, who are an arm of the United States Federal Government. And they do what they tell everyone else not to do! Their motto, like every other Law enforcement agency in this country… “Do as we say not as we do”

    Who the Freak do you think you’re kidding!

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