Tsunami Dock Attracts Hundreds

NEWPORT, Ore. — The dock, confirmed to be debris from the March 2011 tsunami in Japan and that washed up near Newport, is getting international attention, and people from up and down the West Coast are traveling to Agate Beach to see it.

Ever since the dock washed ashore at Agate Beach, it’s become a very popular attraction.

Crowds gathered Thursday despite the fact that it was windy and raining.

Newport residents and tourists alike say they just wanted to get that rare chance to get an up-close and personal look at a piece of history.

Those who came out Thursday got a much different view than on Wednesday.  The invasive species native to Japan that covered the dock before are gone after crews worked all morning to remove them.

Hundreds of visitors flocked to Agate Beach since the dock’s arrival, saying they didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity.

“I read the article and realized that we were in Newport and it was right here in Agate Beach. We decided this needed to be something that we saw before we left because we’ll never see this again,” said coast visitor Heidi Carey.

“I think it’s crazy. This came all the way from Japan,” said Newport resident Madison Schones.

“We’re going home tomorrow, and we heard about this washing ashore and just thought we ought to come and see it,” said coast visitor Melanie Byers-Jones.

“It’s not very often we get to come to the ocean and see something like this, so we’re excited,” said coast visitor Tiffany Olsen.

“Fascinating, and curious to see what else is going to be hitting the beach in the next six to eight months,” said Coastal Resident Tom Repasky.

There’s still some time left if you want to go and take a look at the dock. Oregon Parks and Rec crews are still deciding if they’re going to try and salvage it or if they’ll have to demolish it.

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