Tsunami Dock’s Attraction Boosts Local Economy

NEWPORT, Ore. — Those headed to the coast to take a look at the dock that washed ashore on Tuesday are also stopping at local businesses to shop.

Business owners KEZI 9 News spoke with in Newport say any time something washes ashore along the coast they see an increase in sales. They say the dock definitely hasn’t been an exception, ever since it washed ashore they say they’ve seen a boost in sales.

Despite the rainy day on Friday, the dock is still attracting hundreds, even thousands of people a day, and is now raking in the money for coastal businesses.

Both restaurants and retail stores report a spike in sales this week.

They say customers come in and say they’re there to see the dock, but feel they might as well take a look around local shops and restaurants as well.

“Sales have come up because people are going to see the dock and then they come down to the bay front and shop all of our shops down here, so it’s been nice,” Newport Bay Candle Co. Owner Jody Malloy.

“Well, we’re definitely busier than we were last year same time, and I’m guessing that it has to be because of the dock that’s floated in and it’s been great for us,” Mo’s Enterprises Vice President of Operations Dylan McEntee.

Mo’s says its sales are up about 30 percent this week.

Newport chamber of commerce representatives say some local hotels have also seen a spike in guests.

Business owners say they expect an even higher increase in sales this weekend, once more Oregonians have time to make it to the coast to check out the dock.

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