Tsunami Safety in Place

FLORENCE, Ore. — Monday marked the two-year anniversary of the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

On March 11, 2013 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rattled Japan’s north coast and sent a tsunami wave across the Pacific Ocean.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a tsunami warning in Florence, causing hundreds of people to flood the one gas station in town. Others packed into the Florence Events Center, the city’s evacuation center.

In the end, those who waited to see the first tsunami waves come in, didn’t see much. The warning was lifted later that afternoon.

Two years later, the city has changed its response procedures. The Siuslaw Fire and Rescue chief says safety procedures are always changing, which is why it’s so important that people pay attention.

“We have probably one of the best programs in educating the public on disaster preparations, get yourself educated, get into your local fire department, police department, city hall, learn when the classes are and go to them,” said Chief John Buchanen, Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue.

There are tsunami evacuation signs throughout Florence and the city is also equipped with tsunami sirens.

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