Twist in Corvallis Drug Bust Arrests

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – Last week Corvallis Police responded to a home invasion robbery, and on Tuesday, they arrested the victims of that same robbery for running a suspected drug house.

Police arrested Tejay Elliott on charges of frequenting a drug house and for doing so within 1,000 feet of a school. His roommate, Taylor Hughes, was cited on the same charges and released.

“Most of their operations were based out of their home – which is based within 1,000 feet of the Corvallis Montessori School,” said Lieutenant Cord Wood with the Corvallis Police Department.

Last week, Wood says a third party called 911 saying three men entered the residence on NW 23rd St, where Elliott and Hughes live. The caller said two of the men had guns and demanded money.

“The robbery itself was the catalyst for us discovering the marijuana trafficking,” he said. “We’re investigating the robbery still. Whether or not marijuana played a role in that, while we would suspect that yes, it probably did, we can’t say that with 100% certainty.”

One neighbor says last week’s armed robbery doesn’t worry him.

“No matter where you live, no matter what town, there are going to be drug dealers,” said Josh von Allworden. “They’re going to be criminals and crimes going on.”

He’s not planning on moving any time soon because of the crimes in his neighborhood.

“That’s a lot of hassle for a lot of fear that you create within your own head,” he said.

Police say there is no public safety threat.

“I mean you can stipulate all you want,” von Allworden said. “But people are going to have guns, people are going to rob people. Just lock your door if you’re really that worried.”

Whether the robbery was related to the drug trafficking or not, Wood shares a word of warning to anyone who thinks about delivering any sort of controlled substance.

“I think when you engage in that kind of lifestyle, and people are aware of your activities, you kind of set yourself up to be a victim of this kind of crime,” he said. “There’s some sort of inherent risk of someone showing up to rip you off.”

Wood says marijuana use is prevalent in Corvallis.

“But these kinds of crimes I think go under reported,” Wood said. “I don’t think people like to call and tell us that they’re involved in some kind of crime that may or may not be related to their marijuana.”

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