Two Alleged Assaults Reported to UOPD

UOPDEUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon sent out campus crime alerts this weekend about two alleged assaults within the last week.

Police say on May 10, they received a report of a female student being drugged at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity on University and 19th Avenue.

About a week later on May 16th, police say they found a woman disoriented near 18th and University who had been allegedly sexually assaulted at an unknown location.

Police say they don’t believe the incidents are connected.

Officers say they were both reported by third parties.

“We encourage people to report. It makes it much easier for us to make sure it doesn’t happen again because sometimes when this happens, this isn’t the first time this individual has done something like this and we would like to deal with it,” said Geeting.

Police say no suspects have been identified.

UOPD usually alerts students to crimes of this nature. The university was recently criticized for not alerting students and staff after a female was allegedly sexually assaulted by three U of O basketball players near campus in early March.


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