Two Arrested for Hwy. 99 Fatal Crash

BENTON COUNTY, Ore. — Deputies arrested two people in connection with a fatal crash that killed a motorcyclist on Sept. 30.

Veronica Avila Diaz, 28, was driving a van south along Highway 99W when the van lost control, crossed the center line and hit a motorcycle, killing the driver, 72-year-old Kenneth Douglas Carroll.

Diaz and her husband Jose Cejas Gutierrez, 31, along with their three children were treated by Corvallis Fire and Monroe Fire personnel and released at the scene. Investigators say Diaz and Gutierrez were distracted, using a cell phone to take pictures immediately before they lost control of the van.

Deputies arrested Diaz and Gutierrez Thursday. Diaz faces charges for second-degree manslaughter, reckless driving and reckless endangering. Gutierrez faces charges for hindering prosecution and interfering with a police officer.


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  1. Kelly Carroll says:

    Please refer to my dad as Doug Carroll, it is how most his friends knew him. Additionally I hope that these people are fully prosecuted for taking an active member of our community away and shortening his life so drastically. Dad was a very active person and there was no reason he wouldn’t have lived for a long time. He was the pillar of our family.

  2. OFIR says:

    You can thank Kitzhauber and the Register Guard for this one. How many Oregonians have become victims of “political correctness”?

  3. gary quinn says:

    looks like public transpotation from now on for you two. no cell phones either. now go to your room

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