Two Boys Reportedly Plan Assault

WILLAMETTE PICEUGENE, Ore. — Willamette High School is reminding students and staff to take threats seriously after two students were arrested Thursday.

The two boys accused of planning to assault two teachers reportedly had weapons on them. They are charged with conspiracy to commit assault and disorderly conduct.

Officers say one boy had two folding knives with him. The other had an improvised knife. Police aren’t releasing details on what they say was a planned out attack, but school district leaders say, more than anything, they hope the students get the help they need.

“The principal received some emails from staff members thanking the police department, the administrators for working quickly and decisively on dealing with this issue,” said Pat McGillivray, Community Relations Director at Bethel School District.

Staff say without really causing any disruptions on campus, two boys were taken into the school’s office and questioned about plotting an attack on two teachers and then taken into custody.

“It started out with a rumor. It was timely reported to one of our school resource officers. He networked with his colleague and was able to chase down the leads before too long,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department.

School resource officers from different schools were able to collaborate, validate and suppress the potential threat, thanks to students from another school stepping forward.

School leaders say it’s a reminder for everyone to alert authorities when hearing something suspicious and potentially harmful to protect all staff and students and ultimately find solutions.

“Our staff also expressed hope that our students involved in this incident get the help they clearly need,” McGillivray said.

The district notified parents about the incident through email and on its website.

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