Two Brothers in Hospital After ATV Crash

MONROE, Ore. — Two brothers are in the hospital after an ATV crash Monday evening, one of whom is in critical condition.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says the boys were riding on a farm off West Ingram Island Road when they lost control and crashed. In response, the Sheriff’s Office says they want to remind riders to always remember to wear protective gear on off-road vehicles.

Deputies responded to the scene at 7:15 pm Monday evening, where they say 8-year-old Angel Cuevas was driving the all-terrain-vehicle, with his 11-year-old brother Alan riding on back.

Investigators say both boys are in the hospital, though Alan’s injuries are life-threatening.

They also say neither boy was wearing a helmet or protective gear.

One ATV dealer says summer riding is popular in Oregon, but when crashes occur, he wants to remind riders to stay safe.

“Helmets have a track record of saving lives; protecting injuries,” said Ernie Fields with Fred’s Honda in Corvallis.

Fields says it’s not just about wearing a helmet. He says riders need to wear protective gear from head to toe, including boots, pants, gloves, goggles, and a helmet. But Fields says many people go out for short rides without their gear, thinking a mini trip on at ATV to the bathroom while camping, for example, would be harmless.

“A fair number of accidents happen during the first five minutes of a ride or while really close to the truck,” Fields said.

Fields recommends that riders get in the habit of always wearing their gear on all rides, no matter how short.

“Motorcycling and ATV-ing can be extremely rewarding and exciting entertainment,” Fields said. “It can definitely be something that you can come home from on a regular basis without injury if certain precautions are taken ahead of time.”

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