Two Dead After Standoff at Veneta Home

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VENETA, Ore. — A quiet Veneta neighborhood experienced a violent awakening Wednesday¬†morning after a suicide call ended in two dead instead of one.

Police first responded just before 6 a.m. to a call from a man on Jake Street reporting his own suicidal behavior, but what unfolded in the next four hours was much more than that.

“We had a report of a suicidal subject on Jake Street. Neighbors also reported gunshots,” said Sgt. Steve French, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Lane County deputies quickly responded in full force. The risk of an armed suspect brought in not just Lane County law enforcement, but Florence Police, Oregon State Police, and the sheriff’s office’s containment team also responded–with armored vehicles in tow.

“It’s not a SWAT team. It’s our containment team and they’re used for high-risk situations such as this to make sure the community and the officers involved safe,” French said.

“I woke up to a guy on a microphone. We came out here and the cops told us to get back in the house,” said neighbor Tyler Nyjordet.

Neighbors say even from inside they could tell something was very wrong.

“So we watched, and there were Humvees going by and helli-cars down there,” Nyjordet said.

While it was four hours of confusion for neighbors, it was four hours of guns drawn and attempted negotiation between deputies and the suspect that ended unsuccessfully.

“We now have a death investigation, two deceased,” French said.

Deputies say when they entered the home, they found Bradley and Kelly Chauran on the floor in a bedroom with gunshot wounds, but investigators are still looking into exactly how the couple died.

Veneta Elementary School was on lockdown during the duration of the standoff because of how close it is to the location of the house. But once the scene was clear, the school went back to normal.

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