Two Felony Incidents Near UO Campus

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EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon Police are alerting students of two alleged felony incidents, one involving an alleged sexual assault. The incidents happened within a week of each other, and anyone with a university email address received the crime alert.

Students say the message sparked concern, especially following the investigation involving three UO basketball players.

Students were carrying on with their Monday, but not without concern on their minds after receiving a campus crime alert early Sunday morning.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s kind of unbelievable,” said student Piper Thompson.

UOPD sent out an alert to the campus regarding two crimes near campus. It says it first got reports of the incidents on the evening of Saturday, May 17, and sent out an alert early on May 18.

Investigators say the first reported incident involved a woman who was allegedly drugged on May 10 at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity on University Street. Then on May 16, someone found a disoriented woman near 18th and University, who was allegedly sexually assaulted at an unknown location.

“As soon as we find out about it, we start to try and gather information and get those alerts out as soon as we can,” Kelly McIver, UOPD Spokesperson.

Students say the crimes have them on high alert, especially with this coming shortly after an investigation was launched involving three UO basketball players.

“The fraternity one worried me the most because I was like, that should not be happening,” said student Melissa Curtis.

“It’s definitely spooky to know it happened so close to campus and so close to all of our homes, but it definitely reminds you how safe you have to be and watch out for yourself,” Thompson said.

“It really shows you that you have to be careful in all aspects because you never know what’s going to happen to you no matter where you’re at,” said student Steven Roberts.

UOPD says the incidents are now being handled by Eugene Police Department; however, there is no active investigation because the alleged victims haven’t filed official reports.

“The information came from other parties who were connected to the victims,” McIver said.

UOPD says the incidents have been handed to EPD because they happened outside of university jurisdiction.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity president told KEZI 9 News they are actively cooperating with investigators.

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