Two Hurt By Drunk Driver

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police responded to the 3600 block of Main street just after 11 p.m. on Saturday after hearing a report of a truck crashing into a motorcycle with two riders on board.

Police say 28-year-old David McNair was driving his truck westbound on Main Street, preparing to turn onto South 37th Street.

Officers say the truck turned in front of a motorcycle and crashed into it. The riders were both ejected. The male and female riders were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but at this time do not appear to be life threatening.

Police arrested McNair for driving under the influence.

“The driver of the pickup truck turned out to be under the influence, and so he was arrested for charges that included a DUII and assault charges for the two passengers on the motorcycle,” said Sgt. Dick Jones of the Springfield Police Department.

McNair also faces reckless driving charges.

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