Two Men Rescued on the McKenzie River

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EUGENE, Ore — Two men are safe after the Coast Guard fishes the pair from the middle of the McKenzie River. KEZI 9 News was there for the dramatic rescue.

Safe and sound, on ground, Earl Goodman and Bob Jenkins sum up their ordeal. “We made a bad choice, just an error in judgment I think is what you would call it,” explained Earl Goodman. “Martin Rapids has changed since the previous time when I ran it,” added Bob Jenkins.

Martin Rapids is no stranger to scary and tragic situations, just last month the rapids claimed the life of a man on a father son canoe trip.
Friday, Goodman and Jenkins, a couple of fishing friends, found themselves in a jam.

“We hit a rock that was sticking up and it turned the boat sideways and before Earl could get it back going straight we got wedged between two rocks,” explained Jenkins.

The men tried calling 9-11 but the dispatcher couldn’t understand them, then a woman taking pictures on the shore dialed for help.

Mckenzie Fire and Rescue decided it was too dangerous to send a crew into the water and too difficult to pull them out.
So, they sat and sat ” We told jokes and talked about things,” added Goodman.

And four hours later the Coast Guard came to the rescue. A rescuer was lowered and the men harnessed on “That’s an awesome experience,” explained Goodman. The men were then lifted to safety

“There aren’t enough nice words for the appreciation I have for them and their efforts and they came clear up here from the coast with a helicopter, everybody was just super,” explained Goodman.

The only casualty, “I lost my hat, ” explained Jenkins.

Both men were wearing lifejackets and when asked about the next plans, both added “Going fishing again!”

Most likely not though on Martins Rapids.

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