Two Pedestrians Hit in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A car hit two pedestrians in Springfield Monday evening.

Two men were struck at the intersection of Gateway and Game Farm Road by a Ford truck.

Springfield police says the men were crossing and it appeared they had the right of way when a truck coming westbound struck them.

When police arrived, both men were laying in the street. Emergency crews put neck braces on them and the men seemed to be alert. The men were quickly taken to the hospital. We don’t know the extent of their injuries.

The driver of the truck was there on scene since the accident happened and is pretty shaken up. He told KEZI he just hopes the men are okay. If the driver was at fault in this accident, he will likely be issued a citation.



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  1. Gail Cook says:

    WOW, I am not surprised. Between that area and the round about further West, I have seen so many near miss accidents!

  2. One of the victims says:

    they need to change the light to a left turn only, not a flashing yellow. Thanks to all the good people who helped us, we really appreciate it!

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