Two Rivers-Dos Rios School Opens

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A new Springfield elementary school opened its doors to students this week.

Two Rivers-Dos Rios is now home to nearly 500 kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.

The school hosted its first official day of school Thursday.

It’s housed in a former Springfield middle school facility, making it larger than the typical elementary building.

“The school itself has two gymnasiums, so extra space for our elementary school. The art and science room–that’s a room that no other school in our district has. It’s all a matter of space that comes with the middle school facility,” said Springfield Public Schools Spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge.

The 480 students enrolled, and a good portion of the teachers, come from Brattain and Moffitt elementaries, which recently closed their doors. But the school name, Two Rivers-Dos Rios, brings the two communities together.

“The name is very symbolic of that confluence of schools. It was chosen by the school board after a community-led naming process, and it represents not only the two schools and communities coming together but has a geographical significance to our two rivers as well,” Ashbridge said.

The school is also well equipped with the latest technology, including wi-fi throughout the entire school.

“One of the key features at the school is that in grades 2 to 5, those classes have ceiling-mounted projectors. That’s a great way of educational technology that allows our students to interact with the lessons in a totally different way,” Ashbridge said.

Maintenance crews spent the past year renovating the new school, but most of the classrooms are put together with refurbished materials.

“Everything you’ll see in the classrooms have been repurposed from other school sites, including from Brattain and Moffitt elementary. So we were able to outfit the school with equipment, desks at a minimal cost as well,” Ashbridge said.

The district paid about $750,000 to retrofit the middle school as an elementary school.

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