Two Sites Approved For Rest Stops

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council approved two sites that will likely serve as rest stops for the homeless in the near future.

The city narrowed the list from five to two. Both are in close proximity to current homeless services.

The decision came down after a lengthy discussion at Monday’s City Council meeting. Councilors went back and forth about the program and the sites.

One is on Roosevelt, west of Garfield. The other is Northwest Expressway and Chambers.

The approved rest stops call for a temporary camp of up to 15 people.

There was concern about opening two new sites in the same area near the already established Opportunity Village.

“Now what we have are camps,” said Eugene City Councilor George Poling. “Anytime you start adding garbage facilities, toilet facilities, that’s no longer someplace to sleep. That’s a campground.”

“These sites do not impose new costs on the city and in fact can help clean up the costs of other illegal campers,” said Councilor Claire Syrett.

The city will open these rest stops one at a time. The second will only open if the first proves successful.

As for a timetable, that’s still up in the air.

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