U.S. Stamp Prices Increase Sunday

(CNN) — Hope you stocked up on Forever stamps because if you didn’t, you’re about to pay more the next time you mail.

The U.S. Postal Service is upping the cost of a stamp by a penny to 46-cents for a letter and 33-cents for a postcard.

The change takes effect Sunday, Jan. 27.

If it seems like the price of stamps just went up recently, you’re not far off. It was one year ago this week when we saw the last one-cent bump.


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  1. Daryl says:

    Who uses snail mail any more?

  2. consumer says:

    With all the talk of shutting down post offices I would think that postal clerks with an attitude would try being friendlier. I am lucky in that my home post office is Westfir and we have lovely personalities there, but unfortunately, just on the other side of the mountain is Oakridge and the service there is not, shall I say, welcoming.

    I don’t mind paying a penny more. Aside from postal clerks with an attitude, I still love being able to go to the post office.

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