Undercover Online Operation Arrest

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CORVALLIS, Ore.–  A suspected online predator is behind bars after an undercover operation by the Corvallis Police Department. Police say, James Graham from Newport struck up a sexual conversation with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. In reality, he was chatting with an undercover officer.

“He wanted this female child to call him daddy and pretend that he was a father or grandfather to her and they were going to live together in his motor home,” said Lt. Cord Wood.

Police say Graham’s eventual plan was to move to Boise, Idaho with the girl.

“He didn’t just want to get together and have sex with her, he wanted to actually physically take her from here out of state, and who knows what would have happened,” said Wood.

Police say such online activity is becoming more common because of the internet. Just last month, Corvallis police arrested a Silverton man in a similar sting.

“They have an anonymous channel right into the home of a child and have these conversations, and the parents have no idea that this is going on,” warns Wood.

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