Unemployment Site Back Online

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Employment Department website was back up and running Tuesday evening after an outage left its online systems unavailable Monday.

On Monday night, 90 percent of claims are normally paid, so the crash affected a lot of people.

The outage at the State Data Center in Salem happened around 7 p.m. $18 million in unemployment claims benefits were unpaid, affecting 63,000 people.

“This would personally affect me because of my internet connection because this check goes to my internet” said unemployed resident Betty Raaf.

“I was trying to get on iMatchSkills at home and obviously it wasn’t working and came here and, lo and behold, it was affecting everybody,” said unemployed resident Mike Chipley.

Online services were also unavailable like the iMatchSkills job search website, online claims, call centers and external email.

The state department of administrative services says connectivity issues during routine maintenance caused the crash. The Oregon Employment Department says payments that should have been sent out Monday night, went out Tuesday night.

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