Union Pacific Railroad Turns 150

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EUGENE, Ore. — Union Pacific Railroad hit the big 150 this year.

To celebrate, the company created a mobile museum and sent it on a tour of the country, including a stop in Eugene.

Thousands of people made it out the rail yard on Bethel Drive Thursday where Union Pacific celebrated its 150th year by educating the community about its history.

In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act and officially created Union Pacific to build a transcontinental railroad.

Thursday, folks got the opportunity to learn all about that in the company’s rolling museum, which is actually an old baggage car converted for the big occasion.

Families walked along reading, watching and even playing train engineer in a nearby training simulator during the celebration.

“It’s a monumental accomplishment to be a business that’s been around for a 150 years. We’ve been a part of this country’s history and their economy for a long time, and I don’t know of many other companies that can say they’ve been around for a 150 years,” said Brock Nelson with Union Pacific Railroad.

The city of Eugene can.

It’s also celebrating is sesquicentennial.

For its involvement in rail history, Union Pacific declared Eugene a “train town”.

If you missed out, the train will be headed to Portland Thursday night where it will be stationed for two days before heading to Wyoming.

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