University of Oregon Takes Advantage of Trials Crowds

EUGENE, Ore. — The Olympic Track and Field Trials are monumental for athletes hoping to get to London, but the event is also a big opportunity for the University of Oregon.

The trials are bringing thousands of people to Eugene and subsequently, right to the UO campus.

The school said it’s doing its best to make the most of the crowds.

Right in the heart of Track Town, UO is known for what it can bring to the table athletically, but the school said it wants to make sure that that’s not all it’s known for.

So the university is using this competition to promote its own challenge — The Gold Medal Game.

Spectators are given a list of places to check out on campus and encouraged to go to them all with the promise of their very own gold medal.

“We definitely wanted to showcase the university and we wanted to make sure that when visitors are here that they get to experience more than just Hayward Field and really get to to see the rest of our campus,” said UO Media Relations Representative Julie Brown.

The list includes Matthew Knight Arena, a few museums and even some academic buildings.

The school estimated that about 20,000 people are expected to be at the trials each day and it hopes visitors take a walk through campus when they’re not watching events.

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