UO Athlete Dies in Cliff Diving Accident

MCKENZIE BRIDGE, Ore. — The Linn County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Sunday morning that University of Oregon athlete Alex Rovello died after diving off a 60-foot cliff Saturday.

Rovello, 21, was from Portland and a member of the U of O tennis team.

Deputies say Rovello jumped into a body of water called Blue Pool at Tamolitch Falls about two miles north of Trail Bridge Campground on Highway 126.

Investigators say it appeared the young man hit the water with his face and upper chest and did not come back up.

Several friends and bystanders tried to save him but their attempts were unsuccessful due to the depth and frigid 37 degree water.

Deputies say with no cell phone service in the area, a witness ran two miles before getting any reception to call for help.

Search and rescue crews recovered Rovello’s body 30 to 40 feet underneath the water.

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