UO Band Could Lose Funding

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon’s student government will decide Thursday night whether to fund the school’s marching band.

Student leaders don’t think they should be the one’s picking up the tab. The student government believes the administration or athletic department should pay for the band because it’s a vital aspect of the athletic experience.

Right now the athletic department pays $250,000 for the band and the student government pays $150,000.

The School of Music says if the student government opts out of its current share and no one else picks up that part of the bill, the band can’t perform at the same level.

“We would most likely have to cut some members, cut some staff, cut some work positions, cut some scholarships. We would not be able to operate at the current level we do without finding another source for that money,” said Melinda McConnel, Oregon Band Council President.

Band leaders say they were really surprised to hear about the student government’s proposal to cut off funds because last year it gave the band funds plus a 7-percent increase that the band asked for.

The band plays at a lot of non-athletic events, such as homecoming and school ceremonies, but those will be the first to go if funding is cut.

A public budget hearing will be held Thursday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. in Columbia Hall, Room 150, located at East 13th Avenue and University Street.

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