UO Baseball Fans React to Super Regional News

EUGENE, Ore. — Forget track town–this week, Eugene is baseball town.

After Sunday’s 8-1 win over Austin Peay, the University of Oregon Baseball Team is getting ready to host a super-regional–a first in the program’s history.

While a lot of fans are just starting to take notice of the team, everyone is quick to acknowledge this great accomplishment.

“It’s unbelievable. Four seasons back from having been gone as long as we were, it’s just absolutely amazing. It’s a tribute to the program, stop what George Horton has done for us. It’s just wonderful,” said Duck fan Stuart Roach.

“I think it’s really exciting and wonderful for the university and/or Eugene, and obviously the baseball team. And since it’s a baby sport–just four years old–and we’re in this situation, it’s unbelievable,” said Duck fan Robin Gruver.

The Super Regional starts Friday.

The Ducks only have to win two more games to head to Omaha for the College World Series.

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