UO Cleaning Up After Storm

UO Storm CleanupEUGENE, Ore. — Crews at the University of Oregon are cleaning up Wednesday.

Caution tape was a common site around campus. The quad in front of the Lillis Business Complex had downed trees and branches all over and that’s just one part of campus.

The university says there are about 4,200 trees on campus and about 100 of those have been damaged.

Students say walking around over the weekend was hard with the snow, so some had to get creative and form their own walking paths but they’ve seen crews working hard to clean up the debris. So, getting around hasn’t been a problem this week.

“Monday on campus, there were definitely branches on the ground. There were areas caution taped-off because trees were falling. They needed to warn students about where not to walk but other than the trees, I was impressed at how clear the paths were,” said Lauren Schwartz, a UO student.

Students say some modes of transportation have been limited, like skateboarding and longboarding.

Of the 100 trees damaged, 25 of them are severely damaged. The school says it has plenty of crews working to clean up campus but it could take up to several weeks.

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