UO Donors Get Letter About NCAA Inquiry

EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon donors received a letter Thursday in response to the latest report on the NCAA’s investigation into the school’s involvement with Will Lyles.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, Oregon will go in front of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions for a hearing on Oregon’s involvement with Lyles.

Below is the letter that UO donors received via email Thursday:

Dear Friends of Oregon,

Thank you for your continued support of the University of Oregon and the athletics program.  I want to provide you an update on the NCAA inquiry to clarify recent media reports.  As we have shared in previous communications, we have tremendous respect for the NCAA and member institutions’ role in monitoring intercollegiate athletics and, as such, committed our full cooperation with the NCAA enforcement staff during the process.

This matter was taken very seriously and handled accordingly.  We have worked cooperatively with the NCAA enforcement staff to determine the facts related to the program and be held accountable in a fair way.  The institution and the NCAA enforcement staff were able to agree on the substantive findings of the inquiry which resulted in the matter being presented for summary disposition.  The agreed-upon findings and self-imposed penalties were submitted to the NCAA Committee on Infractions, which requested to discuss the matter in person.

We appreciate your patience in awaiting the details of the matter and as always, your loyal support of the University and the athletics program.  It is important to note the review is ongoing until the NCAA Committee on Infractions issues its final report and the integrity of the process and our continued full cooperation with the NCAA prohibits us from publicly discussing the specifics of this matter.

Thank you.

Rob Mullens

Athletic Director

Documents that KEZI obtained earlier this year showed that Oregon was going through the summary disposition process, but Wednesday’s Yahoo! Sports report said that the two sides could not reach an agreement, and thus, a hearing is necessary.

The best analogy is that the summary disposition process is like a plea bargain. The hearing is like a trial by jury. In this case, the jury is an NCAA committee. According to Yahoo! that’s where the Ducks find themselves now.


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    Wouldn’t it just have been easier and cheaper to buy a national championship?

  2. Gary says:

    Time for Kelly to move on to the pro ranks since he is trying to run a professional program. The Ducks will do fine with coach Helfrich moving up.

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