UO Emails Students on Campus Violence

UO DUCKSEUGENE, Ore. — Just hours after students rallied and demanded answers from¬†administrators, UO President Michael Gottfredson sent out an email talking about ‘difficult and sensitive’ issues impacting the UO. ¬†The rallies are in response to the MBB rape allegations. Three players were accused, but never charged. They have since been kicked off the team.

Here’s Gottfredson’s email to students:

Dear Campus Community,

We are grappling with one of the most difficult and sensitive issues
that can affect a university community: the problem of sexual violence,
harassment, and intimidation on our campus. The incident recently
reported in our community is incredibly complex and disturbing. It has
raised important questions and led to many thoughtful discussions of a
problem that directly affects the lives of far too many students on our
campus and across the country.

I spoke directly about this issue to the University Senate [1]
yesterday, and called for our campus to take this opportunity to move
forward together as a community, to channel our anger and our energy
around this incident and direct it toward a solution. As I said to the
senate, we have an opportunity–a _responsibility_–to lead the nation
in creating a campus that is safe from sexual violence.

I encourage you to visit the links below for more detailed information
about this particular incident, as well as our broader efforts to create
a campus that is safe for all.

This is our time to come together as a campus to change the culture of
sexual violence, harassment, and intimidation that devastates far too
many lives.


Michael Gottfredson, President

Gottfredson also included several links for the UO’s investigation into the rape allegations.

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