UO Employee Charged with Sex Abuse

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EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon employee is charged with sexually abusing girls between the ages of 6 and 12.

Eugene police arrested Russell Crummett Thursday morning.

Crummet was a facilities manager at the College of Education building on campus.

Friday he was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to several charges of sex abuse and sodomy.

“We sent information to all our faculty and staff to let them know the arrest occurred,” said Phil Weiler, UO spokesperson.

But the university wants to make it clear these alleged crimes didn’t happen at the UO.

“Police investigators have not found any indication that there were any crimes committed on campus or that anyone associated with the University of Oregon campus was connected in any way,” Weiler said.

Crummett’s only job was to maintain the structures.

“He didn’t have interaction with children as a part of his job,” said Weiler said.

Eugene investigators say away from work, Crummett lived at the Churchill Village Apartments on 18th Avenue, across from Churchill High School. They say his victims aren’t family members, but at least three girls between the ages of six and 12, abused over a span of months. And detectives think there could be more victims out there.

Until this case is resolved, university administrators say Crummett will not be allowed back on school grounds. They also want the campus community to know the issue and understand what’s happening.

“We are also going to be reaching out to the child care facilities we have connected to the University of Oregon as well, as well as any parents who had kids who had interaction at the College of Education,” Weiler said.

The university says it didn’t do a criminal background check on Crummett. That protocol was enforced after he was hired. Although, we don’t know at this time if he had a criminal history. His next court date is Dec. 10.

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