UO Faculty Rally for Contract Settlement

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EUGENE, Ore. – Faculty at the University of Oregon say they’ve had enough and rallied, Tuesday, for a contract they want settled by the end of the school year.

UO faculty and staff rallied at the Knight Library, a gathering they say was long overdue. Some faculty and staff say they feel cut off from UO administration decisions.

Members on the bargaining committee spoke about their frustration with administrators and their lack of including them in the creative process.

Faculty members say they’re bending over backward to meet with the administration, but those in high places aren’t doing the same.

Here’s what both sides had to say:

“The students’ learning conditions are our working conditions; so, we see those being inextricably linked. That when we improve our working conditions the students will get a better educational experience,” said Karen Creighton, UO adjunct professor.

“We are moving as fast as we possibly can to reach an agreement that is responsible that we can actually deliver on,” said Tim Gleason, Dean of the UO School of Journalism and Communication.

The administration and faculty have been in talks since December. Faculty say they also want higher salaries, they say they’re worth more than what they’re getting paid.

The bargaining committee will meet again Thursday for more negotiations.

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