UO Football Holds Kilcullen Fundraiser

EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon football team held its third-annual fundraiser for the KilCullen Memorial Scholarship Fund, Saturday.

The event ‘Bowlin’ with the Ducks’ was held at Emerald Lanes and allowed fans to meet players and watch them bowl.

The scholarship was established back in 2011 in memory of Eugene police officer Chris Kilcullen who was killed in the line of duty about two years ago.

Players say it’s important to continue Kilcullen’s legacy.

“I know what he meant to Oregon football and the things he did and the things he did for Eugene. And so hearing that story about he got shot and his whole family and everything. I think it’s just definitely something special that people need to keep remembering and keep coming out for,” said player Jeff Lockie.

Organizers also held a silent auction and raffle at the end of the tournament.

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