Former Football Player Arrested for DUII

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EUGENE, Ore. — A former University of Oregon football player is facing charges for driving under the influence and hitting a car and then leaving the scene.

Karrington Armstrong was an offensive linemen with the Ducks, and according to his Twitter account he graduated Sunday from the University of Oregon.

Eugene police say they arrested him early Monday morning on charges of DUII, hit-and-run and criminal mischief.

Witnesses say they heard a loud bang in the 2000 block of East 16th Avenue and came out to find a car smashed in and pushed about 100 feet down the street.

Witnesses say the blue car hit another car in the process.

One witness told KEZI 9 News that Armstrong was in his car, so he told him to get out and tried to calm him down.

“He was just telling me he didn’t want to get in trouble and that he didn’t want to get a DUII, and if there was any way he could get out of this without the cops being involved. And then that is when I went to go help the neighbor help pull the hood open so he could get the horn off, and the next thing I know he is driving down the street past us,” said witness Jesse Cartmill.

Police say they arrested Armstrong after he left the scene.

Armstrong was a fifth-year senior from Reno, Nevada. He was an offensive lineman. He was a redshirt senior in 2013, appearing in eight games as a backup center.

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