UO Football Player Josh Huff in Court

EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon football player arrested for a DUII got his first day in court Wednesday.

Oregon football player Josh Huff was arrested on March 3 for a DUII.

After Huff plead not guilty to the charges, the judge allowed Huff to postpone his trial until after football season.

So far we’ve heard three witnesses, all for the prosecution, and all police officers, who together claim they believed huff was driving impaired the night of his arrest.

Eugene Police says they originally pulled Huff over for speeding that night. The officer that pulled him over noted glassy eyes and slow speech. The officer claimed to believe huff was drunk.

Another officer was called to the scene to give Huff a field sobriety test, during which the officer said Huff made a handful of mistakes, but also did well on a majority of the exam. That officer also noted the glassy eyes, and both decided to bring Huff in for a breathalizer exam.

We found out Wednesday that when the officer issued that breathalyzer, Huff blew a .00.

Huff told officers he was not drunk and he had not smoked marijuana, but officers still believed Huff was impaired in some way, so officers called a drug recognition expert to further examine Huff. That DRE, Brian Paterson, is currently on the stand explaining his subsequent tests he administered to Huff to determine if he was high on anything and if what.

DREs evaluate suspects based on a matrix of characteristics like pupil size, blood pressure, reaction time, etc. Paterson testified, according to his observations, that Huff was high on marijuana.

We are still waiting to hear about the two separate urine tests issued within hours of each other–one that showed traces of marijuana and one that showed none. We will likely hear testimony Thursday about exactly what those tests showed.


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  1. Ron says:

    If found guilty, send his dumb ass home for good

  2. Michael LB says:

    I guessing he was huffing that reefer.

  3. Michael LB says:

    You mean a student was smoking marijuana in Eugene? No!

  4. Chuck says:

    Another example of Cops with nothing better to do. Should have just gave him a Speeding ticket and moved on. Another profiling victim.

  5. drydock says:

    With all the county budget issues and felony criminals being released, does this court trial cost taxpayers more money for a minor drug charge if he is convicted?????

    And if he had a .000 blood alcohol level, it should have been a mute point.

    If this was a regular guy from springfield it would not be an issue. But since he is an U of O player I believe it is out of control.

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