UO Group Says Demands Go Unanswered

rallyEUGENE, Ore. — Frustrated students from the University of Oregon Coalition to End Sexual Violence rallied Thursday as their demands to UO administration went unanswered.

The rally was in response to a list of demands the group of students presented to UO administration Monday.

In their list of demands, students asked administrators to publicly apologize Thursday, but administration never showed.

“It feels like the school is completely dismissing the whole issue. It doesn’t feel like they care about our safety at all,” said student Michala Mirans.

“We wanted to continue pressuring them to hold a press conference, and the fact that they didn’t definitely shows their unwillingness to work with us in a lot of ways,” said Claire Aubin, UO Women’s Center PR Coordinator.

Students say they’ll continue to ask administration to meet their demands.

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  1. jason mark says:

    No one gives a bully the time of day. Your demands are ridiculous.
    I wouldn’t give you the time of day either. You are all very naive and have alot to learn about how to get things done. YOU went about it all the wrong ways.

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