UO Holds Forum on Public Safety

EUGENE, Ore. — University of Oregon students continue to talk about campus safety, after recent rape allegations against three UO basketball players.5-22 uo senate

Members of the safer education campaign spoke at the UO Senate forum in Lawrence Hall.

They want the senate to draft legislation that requires at least one mandatory class to address gender, sexuality and social inequality in the U.S.

“According to President Gottfredson this is a time where it’s important for us to come together as a campus and community to make our university stronger and safer. But how are we to come together when the UO administration over-rehearsed either by legal council or their PR people won’t even admit that there’s a problem, much less look the problem in the face,” said journalism professor, Carol Stabile.

The UO Senate is drafting a resolution to address sexual violence and prevention on campus.

They’re set to vote next Wednesday.

President Michael Gottfredson authorized two new positions devoted to sexual violence and supportive services as well as a task force.

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