UO Law School Receives $1M Gift

EUGENE, Ore. — Classes don’t start for another week, but they’re already celebrating at the University of Oregon School of Law, thanks to a major gift from a well-known donor.

It’s a $1 million gift from the Bowerman family to the law school that will go directly to the school’s environmental and natural resources center. Officials say the school’s environmental law program is already a pioneer in a growing field.

With the seven-figure gift, that leadership will only grow. The gift will fund two research positions, help support law school grads who want to continue their education, and pay for summer stipends for students to work with public service organizations, non-profits and Native American tribes.

Tom Bowerman, son of legendary track coach Bill Bowerman, says his interest in the environment goes back to an early age.

“Growing up in the country, being close to natural resources; our family history; we came into the Pacific Northwest over a hundred years ago and the resources were incredibly rich. And in some cases they’ve been degraded, and we’re concerned about that,” Tom Bowerman said.

Bowerman says the family hopes the gift will provide a world-class education for students interested in protecting the environment and natural resources.

Officials say the money will double the amount of student fellowships, as well as enhance the overall student experience.

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