UO MBB Allegations Draw Harsh Reaction

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EUGENE, Ore. — News of rape allegations against three University of Oregon basketball players is spreading fast on campus and students are speaking out.

They say some athletes at the UO have been in trouble with the law before — but this is much worse.

Students say Damyean Dotson, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin are like celebrities on campus and when news broke this afternoon of the rape investigation students were shocked.

Fans say they’re disgusted by the details of the report.

“It’s pretty vile behavior and not something that I don’t think I’ll be able to watch any of these guys play basketball again and be able to cheer them on as people,” said UO senior, Conor Armor.

“I mean I can only imagine after a big game, you know beating Arizona that was a big deal. I mean what do with that emotion just must’ve been too much for them, they obviously couldn’t handle themselves in a proper way,” said UO senior, Ryan Hoefle.

“No one ever wants to hear that, especially coming from people that are so highly regarded around this community and on campus so it was shocking and also just disappointing,” said UO senior, Jeff Mercado.

Students say they don’t think this will impact fans’ support of the team for the upcoming season.

They say next season’s success shouldn’t be measured by the players accused in these allegations.

One of the students we spoke with also mentioned many times the victim gets lost in media coverage — he hopes there’s healing for her after coming forward.

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