UO Opens Dorm to Marathon Runners

Barnhart HallEUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new option if you haven’t booked a place to stay during the Eugene Marathon. Organizers say some runners will be able to stay at the Barnhart Residence Hall on the University of Oregon campus Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.

With the World Junior Track and Field Championships also happening that weekend, the area will be crowded to say the least. Event coordinators say the additional choice should help, especially since about 60% of registered runners actually have to travel to town to take part.

Event Coordinator Tate Kelley says, “We’ve been featured in Runner’s World as a top race and so we’ve gotten some great national attention over the past few years and that’s definitely increased our visibility across the nation and not just Lane County and the pacific northwest.”

The cost will even include meals and it’s an easy jog over to Hayward Field. For more details, go to the Eugene Marathon website.

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