UO Prepares for GameDay

EUGENE, Ore. — ESPN College GameDay crews will begin moving onto the University of Oregon campus Thursday, ahead of Saturday morning’s live broadcast.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, lot 23 on the UO campus will become the show’s headquarters.

Construction will begin, covering the quad with a set instead of students. Boxes and boxes of equipment, satellite, and production trucks will be strategically stationed in this parking lot like a Tetris game.

There’s a lot of work to be done over the next few days, most of it in the hands of the network. Turns out the operation isn’t much work for the University of Oregon. UO staff just has to worry about some housekeeping items to lay the land for ESPN as it prepares for another weekend creating college football magic.

“When they move in, they take over an entire parking lot. So we need to relocate those people, we need to make sure deliveries can still happen, we need to make sure students can still be in class on Thursday and Friday and not be disrupted by the construction,” said Phil Weiler, UO spokesman.

But the university’s spokesman says none of that ever caused a problem. The crews keep relatively quiet and self-contained, making this whole weekend pretty hassle-free for the university. University staff says dealing with ESPN has kind of become second nature, seeing as this is the seventh time the network will be in Eugene for its college football broadcast.

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