UO President Gets Severance Package

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EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon has an interim president after Michael Gottfredson’s sudden resignation.

Why he quit is still unclear, but that’s not the only thing people are wondering about.

During a meeting Thursday night, board members voted to not only accept Gottfredson’s resignation, but to also provide him with a nearly $950,000 severance package. That has many asking why.

In Gottfredson’s contract with the university, it says he is allowed such a package if the board decides to let him go. But when you look at what happens when he resigns, that’s not the case.

The contract specifically states that he is “not entitled to any further compensation as president except as set forth in the university’s benefit plan with respect to vesting and rights after termination of employment.”

A university spokesperson says the key word is entitled, which is why Thursday night the board voted on the package, saying Gottfredson deserved it for his service up to this point. The amount was the yearly pay for both his presidency and faculty positions.

KEZI 9 News reached out to the board for its reasoning behind the nearly million dollar severance package. A university spokesperson says no one was available for comment.

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  1. Judi Howe says:

    How many students who aren’t able to attend a University or who will be in debt for years after they graduate would this amount of $$$ provide? This is wrong in all sense of the word. WRONG! I am a teacher and if I resign what do I get? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

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