UO Recognizes Veterans

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EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon showed its appreciation for veterans Monday, but events will last all week.

The events kicked off with a remembrance roll call at the EMU Amphitheater, reading almost 7,000 names of fallen soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are roughly 300 student veterans at the University of Oregon. They say it doesn’t take much to make them feel appreciated.

“You can’t beat a simple thank you,” said UO student veteran Nate Schiele.

So the events UO is putting on this week have them in high spirits, from reading names of fallen soldiers to sending post cards to those deployed.

“As a vet, that’s quite an impressive accomplishment that they’re doing. Instead of celebrating the one day that most of America does that we’re spreading it out throughout the week,” Shiele said.

‘You’re really just a regular student when you’re a student veteran, but when days like this come you get a chance to step out and mark your place in the community,” said UO student veteran Garret Nelson.

“Throughout the years, the University of Oregon has been warming up to the student veterans population and really understanding how significant their place is,” said Michael Tieman, UO Veterans Program Coordinator.

Student veterans say the thank yous and recognition isn’t common, but it’s appreciated because at the end of the day blending is just fine.

“There’s been a lot of support and people saying thank you, and it’s nice. It kind of brings you out of the anonymity,” Nelson said.

“Being a student at the U of O is great. It’s one of my dreams to come back here,” Schiele said.

Some other events happening this week include soldiers sharing their stories and a 5k run. The Veterans Affairs Office says all events are open to the community. To get more details each event, click here.

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